Core Program

The Woman U Phases

Woman University is a life-changing coaching program for women who are transitioning into the woman they want (and are destined) to become.

We don’t mean just lifechanging in the ethereal sense. The Woman U program changes the way you interact with the people in your life both personally and professionally – and that changes the way you live every day.

The Woman U Core Program includes three phases: Discover U, Design U, Dare U, our progressive approach to facilitating the transition of women as they step into fulfilling their destiny.

The Woman U program offers proven personality insights, strategic techniques and motivational encouragement combined with coaching, milestones and lots of fellowship. Each phase begins with a virtual Power Luncheon allowing participants to personally connect with others who are also embarking upon the same journey. The program is delivered in a hybrid self-paced format that mixes independent study with live group sessions, making it easy to fit your schedule. Your Core Program journey culminates with a formal graduation ceremony & awards reception to celebrate YOU!

Discover U

This first phase begins with an assessment designed to help you discover your natural gifts!

Design U
The second phase requires you to dream, to envision, and to aspire. Each week you will be given an assignment as you contour your blueprint.
Dare U
You’ve Discovered yourself, you’ve Designed your blueprint, and now we are Daring you to achieve!

Now that you’ve Discovered us and we’ve Designed the program, we Dare you to join us!

Woman University is a program that helps you see yourself differently, design the future you want, and equip yourself with the right skills and opportunities to achieve your goals. Are you ready to take that first step?

Alumnae Testimonials

Since 2012, Woman University has been a force at work in changing women's lives. Here are a few words from ladies who have been there, conquered that!