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Discover your true purpose and start living your destined success at Woman University.

Woman University blends practical skills training with personal development and coaching from a spiritual perspective. We call it kingdom-building because that’s your destiny, Queen! Connect to a community of Godsisters who will support you, challenge you, and motivate you to create and dominate.

Let’s get to know one another…

Hey there! I’m Kathy Hood, Founder & CEO of Woman University.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to WomanU and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Woman U is the work of my heart.

We started in 2012 as a project of my nonprofit, Marvelous Light Empowerment Association. Over the years, WomanU has grown far beyond my expectations, and now we serve women internationally, supported by major funders who are equally passionate about women’s empowerment and growth.

I look forward to seeing YOU in my Discover U sessions.

Don’t wait, start your Woman U journey today!

Start Your Journey

Woman University's core program and continuing business education connect you with your successful future - no matter where you're starting from.

Phase I: Discover U

The WomanU core program begins with discovering your God-given gifts with Dean Kathy. Learn your real identity, the deeper meanings behind your interactions with certain people, and how to operate in your strengths.

Phase II: Design U
Phase II requires you to dream, to envision, and to aspire. Each week you will be given an assignment as you contour your blueprint.
Phase III: Dare U
You’ve Discovered yourself, you’ve Designed your blueprint, and now in Phase III, we are Daring you to achieve!
Phase IV: Develop U
After graduation, you work the plan! Develop real strategy and tech skills that you’ll use every day to operate your business and grow your brand.

Join our community of Kingdom-Building Women.

The Woman University Salon welcomes women who are looking for colleagues, homies, and biz besties who will challenge them to be their best selves. Guided by WU leaders and coaches.

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Alumnae Testimonials

Since 2012, Woman University has been a force at work in changing women's lives. Here are a few words from ladies who have been there, conquered that!