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Learning Your

Natural Gifts

Woman Up! Discover your true identity.

It’s time to Woman Up, discover your true identity, become a better version of yourself, unleash your gifts, and impact the world as you embrace and become a Bold and Fearless YOU! 

In this initial phase of the Core Program, you will embark on a journey of life-changing discovery.  You will be introduced to your authentic self, your “motivational gifts,” your inborn gifts given you at birth.  Discovering and understanding your gifts will enrich every relationship – family, marriage, children, work, ministry, organization, etc., and will change your life forever.

Course Length: 1 Week


Gift Assessment

No more second guessing whether you have a gift or not – EVERYONE has a gift. No more struggling with the burning desires on the inside of you. Discover exactly who you are and why you do the things you do.


Understanding the Gifts

No more living your life trying to be like someone else or by the way someone else has told you to. As you learn to understand yourself and your motivations, you'll also learn how best to deal with the other Gifts in your life - without losing yourself again along the way


Operating in Your Gifts

Find out what career, business, or ministry best suits you, and how to operate in your strengths. We believe you should dominate in your strengths, and partner with your weaknesses. Find out why when you enroll!

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