Woman U empowers you

you to discover, design,

and DARE to be the

woman you are destined

to be!

Woman University is a holistic coaching and practical business training program created to help women discover their unique gifts, design the life they want, and dare to claim phenomenal success.

The program provides guidance for growth, empowerment, and wealth through personal and professional development coupled with practical continuing education for business owners.

Since launching in 2012, Woman University has graduated almost 200 women and helped launch nearly as many businesses. Woman U is the evidence that women support women!

Not only do we support, direct, and love women to their wholeness while they birth their vision/dream, we create an atmosphere and environment where they are able to soar…through online business incubation, invaluable training, open chats where we can be free and honest, one-on-one sessions providing guidance to the next level, girls’ day out events to let our hair down, celebrations of milestones, and soooo much more.

Is Woman University for you?

We all struggle sometimes. It’s hard to feel like a confident, accomplished, powerful woman all-day, every day. Many of us never feel that way at all.

That’s why Woman University was started. We’re here to help you conquer feeling inadequate and diminished, battle not being heard, and take a firm stand to proclaim to everybody – I am a kingdom-building woman. 

The Woman U Core Program starts with something too many people never get to do – identifying your God-given gifts. The Gift Assessment uncovers the patterns in your work, relationships, and choices. Then show you how to move forward with your new knowledge of self. Ready to discover who you really are?

Woman University is a global mentoring and coaching organization dedicated to empowering women to build businesses and communities that are fulfilling, sustainable, and profitable at any stage of their lives.

Alumnae Testimonials

Since 2012, Woman University has been a force at work in changing women's lives. Here are a few words from ladies who have been there, conquered that!