Ultimate Shopping Weekend

Woman University Shopping Network


- Kick Off Your Holiday Sales Season-

Live-streamed shopping event From Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Nov 27 2020: 6am - 4pm

The Black Friday Experience

Be there for the Early Birds. Our live broadcast begins at 6AM with YOU! Be ready to show off your wares for the first wave of excited shoppers.

Nov 28 2020: 10am - 4pm

#Shoplocal on Small Business Saturday

Get the attention your local shop or boutique deserves while our audience shops safely from home! Promote your services and specials live.

Nov 29 2020: 12pm - 6pm

Slide into Sizzling Super Sunday!

Got family-friendly services to share? Reel in the after-service crowd with your deals and steals.

Nov 30 2020: 10 Am - 2pm

Gadget goals start on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a tradition unto itself. Push your app, toolkit, electronics, or e-commerce store to buyers who are used to being just a click away.

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Sales Day Pricing

Black Friday: $79 | Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday $59.99

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